3 Beautiful Resolutions for Your Baby

Dr. Lori Gore-Green

The “New Year, New You” mantra can extend to beautiful newborns, as well as joyful new moms. The arrival of the new year marks a chance for new opportunity, new creation and new adventure. That can be the same for babies, toddlers and older children. Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from a little change in their lives.

Smile, Laugh and Make Friends

It may seem that newborns should be held closely, fed, cleaned and adored… and that’s about it. However, young children benefit from social interaction with their peers. If they get into the habit of enjoying themselves with others in the same age group, they may develop lasting friendships and they’ll learn the importance of social interaction. 


It may seem that young babies are getting enough rest because they’re always dozing off, but that doesn’t necessary mean that they’re getting a lot of restful sleep. Blocks of sleep should last 6+ hours. But, naps are really nice, too.

Be Confident, Be Happy, Be You

Some babies have a natural inclination to explore the world and take on an adventure. While other babies enjoy music, quiet time or playtime. Encourage your baby to do all the things that make it happy and confident as long as it’s safe and responsible. 

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