Dr. Lori Gore-Green

Working in the medical field can add a sense of fulfillment to each day.

Working in the medical field can add a sense of fulfillment to each day.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green is a physician who is board certified in the medical specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

She has had many memorable moments in her career including opening her own very successful OB/GYN Practice in more than one location and having a great presence in community service, changing lives left and right.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green began her career in McAlester, Oklahoma where she opened her first practice and found herself busy from day one in a town where women were eager to have a female OB/GYN physician. She and her husband built a successful private practice full of warm & charming ladies. It was here, where she began her community service activities as a passionate health educator who taught the community about health care issues that concerned women. Her dedication and compassion for the community earned her community service awards. The community affectionately referred to her as “Dr. GG”!

“Dr. GG” was far from her family in Texas and was feeling like she wanted to be closer. She picked up and moved to Denton, Texas where she then opened yet another successful Private Practice of her own. Dr. Lori Gore-Green became extremely involved in community service once again. She poured her heart and soul into the work that she did for people. Patients and people of the community really appreciated Dr. Lori Gore-Green for her persistence in their health and her kind heart.  In addition to working at her own Practice and being there for the community, she has also worked in several other hospitals, helped create programs for hospitals, and has received a number of awards for her efforts.

It is clear that Dr. Lori Gore-Green is a stand-up woman with an unmatched passion for people and their health, especially individuals who struggle with getting the help that they need. She is always there for her patients and community. It is touching to see such a remarkable individual have the ability to inspire such a large group of people on a daily basis.